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New Tavern — The Subscriber informs the public that he has opened a House of Entertainment, on the east side of Centre Square, in the borough of Wilkes-Barre, sign of the Farmer and Mechanic; where he hopes by keeping a good assortment of Liquors, the other Refreshments, to merit and receive a portion of the public calls. Peter Gallagher. (7 Aug 1812)

To the Public. The Subscriber has taken a convenient house in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, a few rods east of the Court-House, where he proposes keeping a Boarding-House and Tavern. Travellers, and those who are disposed to call upon him, shall be accommodated in the best manner he is able. A. Colt. (15 July 1814)

Wyoming Guards to meet at the house of A. Parrish, in Wilkesbarre, on 5th July at 10 o'clock A. M. John L. Butler, Capt. (Jan 22 1819)

Wyoming Fire Company will meet at the house of A. Parrish, Saturday, 13th inst. at 2 o'clock. Samuel Maffet, Captain (Nov 12 1819)

The members of the Independent Rangers, are requested to meet at the house of A. Parrish, on Tuesday evening. The young gentlemen of Kingston, Plymouth, Hanover and Wilkesbarre, wishing to become members of this Company, will find the present a favorable opportunity. (May 26, 1820)

The members of the Junior Volunteers will meet at the house of A. Parrish, in Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday the 4th July, in Uniform. J. F. Dupuy, Jr., Capt. (Jun 23, 1820)

A public meeting held at the house of A. Parrish, Wilkesbarre, on the 10th inst., Oliver HELMES was called to the chair and George Chahoon was appointed Secretary. Resolved to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, the 19th inst. (Sept 14 1821)

Celebration of the 4th of July. A Company of Citizens met at the house of Archippus Parrish in Wilkesbarre in the cool of the evening, and amidst a burst of conviviality drank a number of Toasts, interspersed with Songs appropriate to the occasion. (Jul 12 1822)

At a meeting of a number of Carpenters & Joiners of the Borough of Wilkesbarre and its vicinity, held at the house of George Chahoon, for the purpose of regulating the prices of their work. Benjamin Stucker was called to the chair and David Thompson was appointed secretary. Next meeting will be held at the house of Archippus Parrish on the 14th November next. (Oct 25 1822)

Important Notice! The Young Men of this and the adjoining townships are respectfully invited to attend at A. Parrish'a Tavern, on Monday evening, the 14th inst., for the purpose of consulting on measures necessary to be adopted, preparatory to the formation of a company of Volunteers. Young Men of bravery, now manifest your willingness to defend the rights and privileges of your country (should they be infringed on) by meeting at the above place. All lovers of liberty will be expected to attend. (Apr 11 1823)

Luzerne Washington Guards. The members of the above company will meet at A. Parrish's, on Monday evening next, on business of the utmost importance. (May 2 1823)

A Meeting Of the young men of Wilkesbarre and Kingston is requested at the house of Oliver Helme's on Saturday evening next, for the purpose of taking into consideration the expediency of forming a Volunteer Corps. (May 7 1824)
Joseph D. Dennis, Coppersmith And Tin Ware Manufacturer. Wilkesbarre, at the shop formerly occupied by Gould Phinney, one door north of O. Helme's Tavern (formerly A. Parrish's). (Sep 10 1824)

Federal Meeting, friendly to internal Improvement was convened at the house of Oliver Helme, (Sep 22 1826)

I was nominated to run for Legislature at a meeting held at the house of Oliver Helme. I do not consider myself a Candidate for that office. Geo. Dennison. (Sep 29 1826)

At the 4th of July Celebration at the house of Major Helme, where after exercising and drill the Citizen Volunteers sat down to an excellent dinner; and after the removal of the cloth, Capt. Wm. S. Ross, was appointed President, Lieut. Samuel How, Vice President and J. P. Babb, Secretary and Geo. C. Drake, Assistant Secretary. Toasts were drunk accompanied with the discharge of cannon and musketry. (July 6 1827)

Troop of Horse - Will meet at Oliver Helme’s Tavern in Wilkesbarre on 13th October. They are requested particularly to attend, in order to take the cloth for the uniforms, which is now at Mr. Hollenback's Store. (Oct 5 1827)

Attention! Wyoming Guards. The members of this Company will meet for exercise on 3rd November at the house of Maj. HELME, in Wilkesbarre. E. Hill, Capt. The day of Appeal for said company, will be the Monday following training, when those interested, will attend, at the same house and hour. (Oct 26 1827)

Citizen Volunteers. The Court of Appeal will be held at the house of Maj. O. Helme, in Wilkesbarre on Monday the 12th. Wm. S. Ross, Capt., Wilkesbarre. (Nov 2 1827)

Wyoming Guards. The Court of Appeal for the above Company will be held at the house of Maj. O. Helme, in Wilkesbarre, on Saturday the 17th inst. E. Hill, Capt. (Nov 9 1827)

Strayed from the enclosure of O. Helme, Wilkesbarre, on the 21st ult., a dark bay horse. Whoever will return the said Horse to the Subscriber or to O. Helme, shall receive a reasonable reward and all reasonable charges. Eliphalet Stephens, Nicholson. P. S. If said Horse has been stolen the owner will pay Twenty Dollars for the apprehension of the Thief, and Ten Dollars for the recovery of the Horse. (June 6 1828)

Wyoming Troop. Members will meet at Olivier Helme’s Tavern, Wilkesbarre on the 16th August. It is particularly desired that as many members as possible may be equipped by that time: It is therefore suggested that the cloth for the uniforms be immediately placed in the hands of the Tailors, and measures be taken to procure the other necessary equipments, in order that they may be prepared by the 16th. Several persons in Wilkesbarre & Kingston have already procured their uniforms, and from them the proper pattern can be obtained. All persons who may wish to join the Troop, are requested to attend at the above mentioned time and place. (Jul 25 1828)

Removal. Archippus PARRISH, informs his friends that he has removed to the house formerly kept by him, and lately occupied by Maj. O. Helme, Wilkesbarre, where he intends keeping a Public House. (March 29, 1829)
Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company. An Election will be held at the house of Archippus Parrish, Wilkesbarre, on first Monday in January to elect a President, Twelve Managers and Treasurer, for the ensuing year. S. Butler, Treasurer. (December 11, 1829)

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company. Notice to Stockholders that an election will be held at the house of Archippus Parrish, Borough of Wilkesbarre on the first Monday of January next. (December 7, 1831)

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